Meet Aleana - the mastermind behind Brands Are Alive. She helps purpose-driven e-commerce brands create loyalty, and transform both their customers and employees into passionate advocates. She’s helped e-commerce brands add over $100m in revenues through low budget, low complexity retention marketing strategies – and she’s done it with a firm focus on mindful, ethical business!

The average 7 and 8 figure business can see a 10%-55% increase to their revenues within the first 2-6 months – so if you’re looking to get some solid, proven ideas powering the promotion and growth of your ecommerce operation, Aleana and her wealth of experience are waiting!

As she says herself “nothing worthwhile has ever been created by someone who didn’t care” so get aligned with an expert who mirrors your ambition and ethics today.

Why we love Aleana 🌿

As a consultant, Aleana represents everything we love here at MindfulCommerce – growth, success and profit, achieved in a way that is kind to both the planet and your team. She’s a huge supporter of ethical leadership and work practices, and knows exactly how important it is for businesses to create an environment that fosters well-being for their team members.

When a work culture is supportive, with a team that feels motivated by real meaning and value, with the freedom to pursue personal projects, be creative and spend time with their loved ones – that’s where the magic happens. If you’re over the whole "hustle culture" and ready to build business success on really solid, ethical and sustainable foundations, definitely get in touch!