Looking to grow your brand? Say hi to Blend Commerce. This impact-driven, UK-based agency helps Shopify merchants grow well beyond the $100K a month threshold. On average, their clients increased revenue by 69% in the past 12 months.

Blend aren't just about getting those profits boosted – they're also working with ever-increasing numbers of sustainability-focused clients, including Aquarium Co-Op, The JimmyCase and Y-Food. They're fully committed to a greener future for ecommerce, and are keen to help as many mission-led brands as possible succeed, scale and make a difference.

If you're a bigger retailer, seeing your conversion rate stalling and falling at $100K per month, Blend can definitely help.

Why We Love Blend Commerce 😎

Profit shouldn't be a dirty word when it comes to ethical ecommerce – we need the good guys to be succeeding and showing that business can be done in a better way, for people and for planet! After all, if you don't keep making a profit, you can't keep making a difference.

Blend Commerce are all about getting you up and running like a well-oiled ecommerce machine. This is so important for sustainable brands, where resources need to be carefully invested and especially where teams may still be on the lighter side. By helping merchants become more efficient with their processes, Blend have been able to reduce the strain on leaders and team members in many growing Shopify brands.

Additionally, Blend are doing their bit to run a more eco opertaion, with staff skipping the commute and working from home 2 days a week, and a ban on single-use plastic throughout their paper-free offices.