Founded in Melbourne in 2015, Airwallex are making big waves within FinTech, as a global payments solution transforming the way businesses move and manage money domestically and internationally. They’ve recognised the pace at which the digital era is rewriting the rules (and our requirements) when it comes to payments, and have taken things to the next level when it comes to global provision.

Airwallex core strength lies within their proprietary tech-driven financial infrastructure, which enables low-cost, high speed and transparent international collections and payments for businesses of all sizes. Working with them, companies can collect and make payments across the globe, taking the hassle out of growing internationally and managing employee and service provider spend through virtual VISA cards.

Why We Love Airwallex

Airwallex is a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit that we love the ecommerce world for. Their genesis story is inspirational – the business was born out of a need that was recognised by the founders, when they ran their own speciality coffee store and ran into problems buying supplies from international vendors. Today, they’re still focused on bringing that measurable value and assistance to businesses of all sizes, not just the giants of retail!

We also recognise and appreciate the attitude that Airwallex takes when it comes to listening and helping their customers. Hundreds of in-depth conversations with business owners, founders and directors has given them a deep understanding of key retail challenges and pain points, and they’re working hard to help solve them in a practical, positive manner.

Finally, we love how their product is designed completely with the customer in mind. The platform enables businesses to ‘go global’, whilst increasing their profit margins and driving operational efficiencies. Businesses can sign up to Airwallex at no cost which instantly reduces the number of services required to manage their finances down to just one and allows them to save thousands on international payments through global accounts, borderless debit cards and an online payment gateway.

By supporting and empowering every retailer to save on international fees and drive financial efficiencies, Airwallex can help mindful businesses invest back into their products and fund what is required to become more sustainable.

We’re very excited to see how these guys can support our community and continue to learn about their support and impact on merchants in the SME industry.

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