Your Stuff Made is on a mission to change merchandising. For too long, custom products have been mass produced without a second thought for the environment or ethics of their creation. Now, if you’re looking for high quality branded items (from socks through to enamel pins) with a conscience, there’s finally an option.

Your Stuff Made supports independent artists, huge global brands (like Shopify, Adidas and Uber) and everyone in between to access gorgeous custom merchandise that is truly sustainable.

Why We Love Your Stuff Made 💚

Great branding is an essential part of any business’ success, and often, merchandising will play an important role in that wider branding strategy. At MindfulCommerce, we come into contact with so many amazing brands and businesses, all run by highly creative people who truly care about our planet and its future. We’re so happy that we’re now able to point them in the direction of Your Stuff Made when they’re looking for customised products to help them spread their message (and impact!) even further.

Ethical manufacturing and sourcing are at the heart of our Sustainability Framework, and Your Stuff Made has embedded these practices deeply into its business model – fantastic proof that you don’t have to sacrifice ethics for success! If you’re looking to get custom merch created, without the negative social or environmental impact, we highly recommend checking them out.

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