Suntribe is a natural sunscreen and skincare company from Sweden with a vision to change the sunscreen industry. Suntribe exists because research has shown that ingredients used in conventional sunscreen are harmful both for us humans and nature, and they want to change that. That’s why they always use safe and natural ingredients and base all of their decisions on research and science.

All of their clean sunscreens are tested in independent labs and verified safe for humans and nature - that’s what we call worry-free!

Our natural sunscreens and skincare products are worry-free: we only use ingredients that are verified safe according to the scientific community. All our ingredients are 100% natural. In addition, we use eco-friendly packaging such as recycled tins and tubes from climate positive sugar cane.

Why we love Suntribe

As surfers, we use Suntribe sunscreen in the water and feel so good about the fact it won’t hurt the ocean life as a result of us playing in their playground.

Suntribe’s packaging is 100% recyclable and falls into one or several of the following categories: plastic free, climate positive or recycled. We love that the ingredients they use are 100% natural and from certified organic agriculture where possible!

Summertime is coming, give their natural, worry-free sunscreen a try :)

Suntribe's sunscreen