State Of Mind are a marketplace supporting creators from around the world - offering handmade products focusing on wellness, beauty & skincare - incorporating the various senses into healthy wellbeing and sustainable lifestyle.

Officially launched in 2022, State Of Mind is based in Singapore and birthed out of the desire to provide game changers who embrace life challenges as a source of support to assist them in striving to become a better version of themselves every single day.

Our approach towards doing business is one that embraces kindness and responsibility towards sustainability and wellness through working with creators who produce handmade products with ingredients that are organic, natural, and vegan-friendly.

Why We Love State Of Mind ☺️

The combination of sustainability and self-care is the dreamiest.

We really like that the products are intentionally selected from creators and focus on allowing consumers to adopt certain self-care rituals and incorporate those rituals into their daily personal care routines and lifestyles. The rituals State Of Mind promotes actively improve health and enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Additionally, the products they source also promote zero waste and biodegradable packaging - eco-friendly and plastic-free and they work with Hero Packaging as their choice of mailers as they contribute to a sustainable supply chain. Not forgetting the fact State Of Mind are using EcoCart to reduce the carbon footprint of their sales.

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