SABINNA is a female led brand, a playbook for the future of sustainable and ethical fashion. Their clothing designs are super innovative - dedicated to exploring sustainability beyond just the products they create. They’ve nurtured close relationships with manufacturing partners in the UK, Vienna, and Portugal, keeping production local and considered.

Beyond our products, we are mindful about all aspects of our business – from eco-friendly packaging to fair wages for everyone in our supply chain…

Our goal is to create ethical fashion that puts people and the environment at the forefront of everything we do, without compromising our aesthetic.

SABINA want to shift the perception of what sustainable fashion can look like, through their unique focus on bold prints, statement pieces and timeless silhouettes.

Why We Love SABINA

Sustainability and transparency is at the core of their business. By taking the time to educate their customers on ethical fashion and consumption, they are helping to combat greenwashing and greenhushing - giving consumers the power to make more informed decisions. We love that SABINA thinks outside of the box when it comes to education, they deliver workshops, host a podcast and even online webinars.

We also really enjoy the fact that SABINNA is a female-led, conscious lifestyle brand - offering sustainable and education-led fashion, operating from a studio and retail space in East London, as well as a small knitwear studio in Vienna.

SABINA hold sustainable values when it comes to their packaging, too. To wrap the items safely, they are using customised tissue paper with our signature SABINNA flower print. It’s completely acid-free, FSC certified and printed using soy-based ink.

Go take a peek, their branding is also wonderful and bright!