Kimono My House designs and creates beautiful, stylish and practical work clothes with a Japanese aesthetic. Kimono My House produces kimonos with minimal impact on the environment, making garments that are 100% organic cotton and can be 100% recycled!

In Japan the word Kimono means ‘The thing to wear’ so I wanted to create a kimono that can be worn everywhere, by everyone. Kimono My House is a celebration of Japanese culture and particularly the wide and varied world of kimonos. Kimonos are popular worldwide and should continue to be whether you're wearing a vintage one or a reimagined version of one.

Mindful Deliveries: using a freight company with sustainable credentials and paying a little extra for every shipment for them to work towards being carbon neutral. Every kimono sold plants a tree, to go some way to offset the carbon created when they're made. The packaging is all paper - supplied locally to Kimono My House in Devon!

Why We Love Kimono My House

We love that Kimono My House’s kimonos are designed and made to last and they don’t believe in “trends” or “fast fashion”, it’s quite the opposite! With three styles at the moment - The House Kimono, a long light housecoat, The Garden Kimono, a workwear style kimono with lots of pockets made in canvas and The Studio Kimono, a studio jacket with lots of pockets. All made in organic cotton and a unisex fit.

Kimono My house don’t want to produce too much of anything - with little to no waste - partnering with the right people and ensuring that the product is of such a high quality that they last for a long time. Their designer only uses natural fibres so the product can be fully recycled and the same goes for the packaging.

The most amazing part? They provide a repair kit with each kimono to encourage buyers to mend their clothes and make them last longer!

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